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Our BEST CUSTOMER is an INFORMED CUSTOMER...Read these "AIRBED STORE SECRETS" most other guys DO NOT want you to know...Why pay high retail prices or get stuck listening to a COMMISSION SALESMAN who could "SAY ANYTHING" for a sale?...SHOP SMART...EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR AIR BED MATTRESS...Sweet Dreams!!!

SMART SHOPPING for airbed mattresses takes some time and you should know what to look for - AND WHAT TO AVOID !"Below are my TOP 10 AIR BED MATTRESSES CONSUMER TIPS you can use to become a SMART AIRBED SHOPPER".

The FIRST 5 TIPS concern "How to Buy Online with Confidence".

The SECOND 5 TIPS help you "Compare Airbed Parts Apples-to-Apples" to assure QUALITY.

Shopping for a new air bed mattress is a big decision. Buying an airbed online can mean huge savings on a high quality product. But like any other purchase you can end up buying from the wrong place where cheaply made products are sold by fast-talking commissioned salespeople.

   Many online airbed mattresses web sites make claims about quality or so-called "sale" prices. Often, it turns out to be a retail store trying to add extra business at "retail prices" with no real savings to you and a lower quality bed.

   However, when you shop wisely, compare air bed mattresses "apples to apples" and become an INFORMED CONSUMER - you can avoid being taken advantage of and enjoy the incredible benefits and savings of real online airbed mattresses shopping.

Buying Online with Confidence:

1.  Avoid online sites that DO NOT show prices. These are simply a way some companies lure you into "calling for a sale price". Often these salesmen make more money by setting prices depending on how much they can get away with after talking to you.

Many of these scams ask you to fill out an e-mail form to get your "sale price". You can be deluged with return phone calls from commission salesmen that will remind you of some USED CAR SALESMEN.

2.  Be careful of web sites set up by "retail stores". They simply can't offer true online FACTORY TO YOU prices because of high overhead. They are just local stores across the country trying to drum up "extra business at their normal retail prices". Also, these "retail floor salespeople" can't help you with after-purchase customer service.

3.  Watch out for "cookie cutter shopping cart" web stores that offer very little actual information about all the important quality parts that make up an airbed. They simply show a single page photo and a few lines of copy talking about what comes with their air bed mattress. You can't really tell what you are buying. They may not want you to know so you can't really COMPARE.

4.  Don't be fooled by air bed mattresses web sites claiming "FREE TRIAL OFFERS with FREE SHIPPING". They try to use these claims so you'll feel you are GUARANTEED HAPPY.  Not all web stores do this - but find out BEFORE you make any mistakes that will cost you more than you expected.

In reality, these are often just false promises to get your order. Not only will it cost you an average $150.00 to $200.00 in RETURN SHIPPING CHARGES - but they also deduct the ORIGINAL "FREE SHIPPING" CHARGE they paid to send it to you. This can add up to total $300.00 to $400.00 for a return just in shipping charges.

Some also insist upon "returns in brand new condition in original shipping boxes" they will use to refuse a return - or DEDUCT even more charges from your refund. Even a small smudge can cost you big money deductions.

Many also charge a "RETURN RE-STOCKING and HANDLING" percentage of your order. This can range from 10% to 20% and add up to HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS more deducted from your refund - PLUS all those shipping charges.

CRITICAL NOTE:  It is ILLEGAL in many of the United States for any business to RE-SELL a used "TRIAL MATTRESS" unless a special "cleaning and renewed" process is done. Be wary of online stores that offer "90 Day Satisfaction Guarantees". You don't want to end up with a mattress some stranger already used for 90 days - DO YOU ?

5.  Finally, avoid web sites that offer few details on the air bed mattresses quality, factory authorized warranty or customer service that you must depend on the information the commission salesperson gives over the phone. It can be too easy to hear later on "I never said that." or "I'm sorry - that salesman wasn't authorized to promise you...".

BECOME A "SMART AIRBED SHOPPER" - Tips you'll need to make a wise airbed mattress buying decision - so you can "REST ASSURED".


How to Compare Quality Features of the FIVE MAJOR Airbed Parts:

1.   PILLOWTOP - The fabric "Damask" covering is the outer pillowtop and side cover you see in photos showing the bed. The top zippered on piece is the most important and can be stuffed with many different foams, polyester stuffing fibers vary wildly.

4 way stretch fabric is superior in strength and durability to any other damask airbed mattress fabric as it conforms to your body shape and returns to normal - REVERSIBLE TOP and DRY CLEANABLEMake sure you look for a REMOVABLE zippered top that can be dry-cleaned if necessary. The highest quality fabrics are "stretchable" so they form to your body and return to their normal shape. The "best" pillowtops are REVERSIBLE, so you actually have TWO tops in ONE. Often called "summer & winter" pillowtops, this is really a reminder that you can extend the life of your bed by 'flipping it over' every 6 months for even wear - which prevents "body impressions" over time.

Many dealers make claims about exotic fabric stuffings like wool and cashmere inside that are needed for temperature climate changes. In reality you can't tell any difference between the two sides. Your body is pressing down the entire top into the foam comfort layer beneath it - so don't waste your money. This top stuffing simply allows a little "breathing room" between your body and the REAL FOAM COMFORT LAYER under it. Too much stuffing will hinder your body from forming into the VISCO MEMORY FOAM layer that is the REAL COMFORT MAKER of a good airbed.

CRITICAL NOTE: Make sure the VISCO MEMORY FOAM COMFORT LAYER is NOT actually "built into the pillowtop" permanently. Dry cleaning chemicals used to clean and sanitize your pillowtop will DAMAGE or RUIN the VISCO MEMORY FOAM inside. Make sure the MEMORY FOAM LAYER is SEPARATE from the pillowtop.

2.  AIR BLADDERS - The "industry standard" used by the biggest and best airbed makers are VULCANIZED CANVAS RUBBER air bladders.

HIGH QUALITY "Dual-Sided" Heavy-Duty VULCANIZED CANVAS RUBBER air bed mattresses + "PREMIUM ULTRA-QUIET" Digital Memory Air Pump System. See why we are the LEADER in "ROLLS ROYCE" Air Bed Mattress QUALITY & COMFORT.They allow any desired firmness from soft to extra-firm. The "box-shape" allows them to join perfectly in the CENTER of the bed and around the sides. This is an extremely durable material and shape. You won't feel a lump or indentation between the two air bladders in the middle so you can enjoy the whole bed area.

Avoid airbeds that use the plastic "PVC" material like they use in waterbeds and plastic beach balls. These bladders can't be adjusted to extra-firm and their rounded corners and sides DO NOT form a box-shape. Often, you will feel them 'indent' in the center of your mattress. This can also cause the expensive VISCO MEMORY FOAM layer to actually split down the middle in time. (Some manufacturers must place a rigid foam strip down the middle of the bed to attempt to fix the problems - and you end up feeling this hard 'bulge' right down the middle. It separates the two air bladders and you won't like laying across this area. Kind of defeats the whole reason for having a big king or queen size mattress, doesn't it?).

3.  FOAM COMFORT LAYER - This is CRITICAL. Make sure your bed has VISCO ELASTIC MEMORY FOAM under the pillowtop. This is simply the most comfortable, body forming, durable and "shape retaining" foam ever invented. Conventional "convoluted foam" comfort layers simply don't compare. Read more about VISCO MEMORY FOAM on this web site by clicking it's LINK BAR on the left of the page.

Designed by our NASA Space Agency - this material is expensive - but you will love it's body-shaping qualities.

CRITICAL NOTE: Make sure the VISCO FOAM has it's own 'protective cover' - like our incredible HERCULES space-age zippered fabric covering. You want the MEMORY FOAM kept safe and clean. The HERCULES covering is extremely expensive - but it also forms a REINFORCEMENT barrier to prevent damage, splitting, dirt and dust mites from ruining your delicate MEMORY FOAM COMFORT LAYER.

4.  AIR PUMP SYSTEM - You want to adjust the firmness of your bed with a powerful yet quiet pneumatic pump that sits under your mattress out of the way. It should allow fast air-flow that can take you from "plush" to "extra-firm" comfort. For the longest lasting system with the fewest problems it should have TWO controllers HARD WIRED to the pump (avoid the battery operated 'wireless' controllers that can be lost and are known to accidentally turn on other appliances, airbeds in other rooms and garage doors - and over time batteries die or can leak battery acid that will damage the controllers).

Incredible quality airbed mattress includes DIGITAL MEMORY DUAL-CONTROLLER PUMP & memory foam pads and talalay latex padding for the ultimate comfort and support your body needs - lasting for years and years like the day you set it up!!!The best airbeds allow you to adjust the firmness using a DIGITAL MEMORY SET controller. This feature is especially nice when you change the firmness to sit up and read or when the firmness changes when only one person is in bed. A simple touch of the memory button takes you back to your preferred firmness sleep number automatically.

CRITICAL NOTE: Avoid air pumps that are built right into the foam side-rails of the bed. EXTREMELY NOISY, they are often compared to having a vacuum cleaner turned on near your head. Also, pumps need open area air to operate properly. Finally, you don't want to accidentally damage the bed by sitting on the side rail area where these pumps are located.

5. FOAM SIDE RAIL SLING SYSTEM - Believe it or not, some of the most expensive airbeds on the market skimp on this important part. This fabric sling set connects all 4 side rails inside the bed to prevent 'bowing out' of your mattress over time.

TIVEX support slings reinforce airbed mattress sides over time from pressures exerted from air bladders Every time you lay down or adjust air firmness you want the airbed to adjust UPWARDS - NOT SIDEWAYS. Without these fabric SLINGS holding the inside bladders together, the stress will be transferred to the outer shell and zippered pillowtop.

Years of unwanted side pressure can cause seams to pop and zippers to break. You will notice the side rails of the mattress start to stretch out from the foundation. More importantly, this allows the two air bladders to SEPARATE down the center of the airbed. Soon you could feel an indentation instead of the smoothness across the mattress and the MEMORY FOAM COMFORT LAYER can split apart down the middle.


UNIVERSE 5500 air beds memory foam and digital memory adjustable dual-sided airbed mattresses Intelligent Air Digital Control makes this the "perfect airbed mattress"  UNIVERSE 5500-V3H AIRBED MATTRESS
The UNIVERSE 5500-V3H Model is arguably the highest quality and most feature-packed airbed mattress on the market today.

airbed mattress visco memory foam and ONE-TOUCH Controller allow adjustable dual-sided airbed mattress firmness change instantly - ECONOMY and QUALITY - Factory Direct Priced GALAXY 4500-V2H AIR BED MATTRESS
The beautiful GALAXY-V2H MODEL airbed combines the quality features and unbelievable Factory Direct Ship Price that will have you sleeping with a smile on your face !!!

Added HERCULES visco memory foam 'space-age' fabric covered comfort layer is the world's highest quality airbed mattress comfort padAIRBEDS COME WITH HERCULES 2" or 3" THICK 4 POUND DENSITY "BRAND NAME LUXURY" VISCO MEMORY FOAM PADS - SALE!!! NOW FREE WITH ANY AIRBED PURCHASE

"How does the air bed mattress feel in terms of comfort level and support?"


"Also does it dissipate heat well? If you feel your body heat is transferred too quickly or you're retaining heat, you may need to compensate with a mattress pad."

And if you have a bed partner, try out the bed together. If one person moves, does it disturb the other? Also, if the airbed mattress has adjustable firmness, make certain there's not a tendency for the person on the firmer side to roll toward the softer side.

Finding the product to suit your comfort and pocketbook can be challenging. According to a University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter article, the idea there's one best bed exists mainly in ad copy. The article goes on to state, "There is no scientific consensus on what makes a good mattress. This is one category in which what feels good is good."

Maybe that's why the new totally adjustable air bed mattresses are so perfect for BOTH comfort and personalized body spinal support - and the dual-sided push-button firmness of the two built-in air bladders adjustability along with the remarkably contouring capability of the visco memory foam topping makes them the perfect mattress choice for BOTH partner's body shape, size, weight, feel and back support!

air beds digital number airbed mattresses select air bed comfort discount Air Bed Mattresses FACTORY DIRECT SHIP PRICES adjustable comfort level memory control select digital number air beds & visco memory foamFACTORY DIRECT SHIP PRICE AIR BEDS MATTRESSES

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Airbeds Mattress Factory Direct Ship Prices with Dual Sided Adjustable Control & Airbed Mattresses with Memory Foam featuring HERCULES Health Covers



Shopping for a new air beds mattress is a big decision. Buying an air bed mattress online can mean huge savings on  high quality air bed mattresses. But like any other purchase you can end up buying airbeds from the wrong place where cheaply air bed mattress products are sold by fast-talking commissioned salespeople. SHOP SMART!

Compare our EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY "Dual-Sided" Heavy-Duty VULCANIZED CANVAS RUBBER air beds mattresses and "PREMIUM ULTRA-QUIET" Digital Memory Air Pump System to others on the market - you will see why we are the LEADER IN QUALITY & DISCOUNT AIRBEDS FACTORY DIRECT SHIP air bed mattress prices.

COMPARE QUALITY FEATURES SIDE-BY-SIDE FOR YOURSELF and SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Factory Direct Ship air beds bargains airbeds factory direct prices offering "EXCLUSIVE" Magicloud Brand memory foam airbeds mattresses.

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Memory Foam air beds sleep disorders help your bad back and insomnia sleep problems PLUS huge savings because we pass along our incredible airbeds mattresses factory direct ship SAVINGS - DIRECTLY TO YOU!

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Premium digital memory dual controllers air pump system with upgraded hose connections, auto-fill, dual-memory, and 2 controllers included with this PREMIUM QUALITY "ULTRA-QUIET" air beds mattress pump - INCLUDED AT NO "UPSELL" EXTRA CHARGE!!!