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People who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia often fall asleep faster and into the deeper restful REM sleep stages longer on an adjustable airbed mattress. Simply let your body's natural HEAT AND WEIGHT cause the viscous celled memory foam topper to "COPY YOUR PERSONAL BODY SHAPE AS YOU MOVE DURING THE NIGHT".

Nan Jansen is an active retired woman in her 80s, living in Bethesda, MD. She volunteers several days a week, delivering Meals on Wheels, serving on the auxiliary board of a center for children with emotional problems, and playing chauffeur to some of her older friends who have difficulty getting around.

As we get older our bodies need extra support and getting comfortable enough to fall asleep and STAY asleep can get harder - here are some tips to help you relax and sleep.She sleeps about seven hours each night and rarely has difficulty sleeping. Once in awhile, she wakes up during the night and can't get back to sleep. Back pain is often the cause of her sleep disturbance. She doesn't usually take a nap during the day. Maybe that's why the new adjustable support firmness airbed and memory foam topper airbed mattresses have increased in popularity with the "older" generation.

Sometimes as part of an overall sleep program people switching to the new adjustable firmness controlled airbed mattresses with visco memory foam top padding report decreased sleep problems and a more "refreshing sleep".

Nan Jansen is similar to many of the respondents to NSF's 2003 Sleep in America poll, which is the first NSF poll to look at the sleep habits of older Americans—those between the ages of 55 and 84—and the association between their sleep behavior, their medical and physical conditions, their outlook and their lifestyles.

Isn't life hard enough when we're trying to get through each day if we haven't had a GREAT night's REST on a high quality adjustable firmness airbed?

The poll results suggest that, like Nan, many older Americans are sleeping well and may actually sleep better than adults aged 18–54. More older adults are sleeping 7- 9 hours on both weeknights and weekends (56% vs. 51% for weeknights and 60% vs. 55% for weekends). Additionally, the 32% of older adults who nap 1–3 days a week or more get an average of 41–51 minutes of supplemental sleep time.

the adjustable comfort control airbed mattresses offer older sleepers can make a major difference in their sleep patterns - air beds with visco elastic memory foam comfort layers provide extra spinal area and total body support for maximum personally adjusted firmness comfort control at the touch of a button

A closer look at the NSF poll data, however, found a striking relationship between two sets of factors infrequently considered together in medical care: the health and quality of life of older adults, and their sleep quantity and quality. The NSF poll found that the better the health of older adults, the more likely they are to sleep well.

Conversely, the greater the number of diagnosed medical conditions, the more likely they are to report sleep problems. Additionally, among older adults, more positive moods and outlooks as well as having more active and "engaged" lifestyles (having someone to speak with about a problem, exercise, volunteer activity, etc.) are associated with sleeping 7–9 hours and fewer sleep complaints.

"In spite of the emerging science linking sleep quality and health status," says NSF President James K. Walsh, PhD, "Most people believe that poor sleep is an inevitable consequence of getting older. But NSF’s poll findings reinforce the relationship between good sleep and good overall health, particularly in older individuals.

Make the "airbed comparison" yourself compared to the old-fashioned innerspring bed and you'll join the millions of other Americans now enjoying all the benefits of AIRBED MATTRESSES BEDTIME ADJUSTABLE PUSH-BUTTON FIRMNESS COMFORT."

Rather than a consequence of aging, poor sleep among older Americans appears to be an indicator of health status." Dr. Walsh is Executive Director and Senior Scientist of the Sleep Medicine and Research Center at St. Luke's Hospital in Chesterfield, MO.

Sleep and airbed health facts:

In the 2003 poll, NSF profiled the sleep patterns and sleep complaints of 1,506 older Americans. About two-thirds of older adults (67%) report experiencing one or more of the following symptoms of a sleep problem at least a few nights a week:

  • difficulty falling asleep

  • waking a lot during the night

  • waking up early and not being able to get back to sleep

  • waking up feeling un-refreshed

  • snoring

  • pauses in breathing

  • unpleasant feelings in their legs

 You've seen all those television commercials for the non-adjustable viscous celled foam beds using their own brand name for the visco memory foam like our's is SERTA BRAND memory foam - the higher quality visco elastic foam pads as the main comfort layer will make your airbed like sleeping on a magic cloud. If you can afford it we HIGHLY recommend the adjustable airbed contains this incredible foam. And the THICKER the MEMORY FOAM the BETTER the AIRBED.

In spite of the abundance of these sleep complaints, only a small fraction (one out of eight) say that they have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder and fewer are treated.

Most people don't realize their blood flow is being cut off by their mattress pressure points - causing tossing and turning during sleep - and preventing people from entering the beneficial DEEP SLEEP REM sleep cycles you need to refresh your body. Probably a big reason the new adjustable airbed mattresses with memory foam comfort layers have become so popular.

When NSF also asked respondents to rate their health, those who rate their health as good to excellent are less likely to report a sleep problem than those who say their health is fair to poor (59% vs. 85%).

For instance, those who report having excellent or very good health are less likely to sleep less than six hours than those who describe their health as fair or poor (11% vs. 22%).

Similar findings occurred when health assessments were compared to symptoms of sleep disorders. For instance, among those who rate their health as excellent or very good, 38% say they have one or more symptoms of insomnia, but nearly double (71%) have such symptoms if they report their health as fair or poor.

Similar patterns occurred for all reported symptoms of sleep disorders such as those associated with sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome: those who report better health report fewer symptoms of sleep disorders.

Also, the less sleep you get the more you need to enter the deep sleep REM sleep cycles and stay in them longer - a major benefit of the new adjustable firmness controlled airbed mattresses with visco memory foam comfort body support layers.



NSF also asked respondents if they had been told by a doctor that they have any one of 11 common medical conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, lung disease, cancer, depression, memory problems, enlarged prostate and osteoporosis.

The number of reported medical conditions increases with age, but 19% of all respondents reported having four or more conditions. When compared to those who have no medical conditions, those with four or more conditions have a greater likelihood of sleeping less than six hours (22% vs. 10%), are more likely to rate their sleep as fair or poor (40% vs. 10%), are more likely to report a sleep problem (80% vs. 53%) and are more likely to experience daytime sleepiness (27% vs. 5%).

Often such signs of sleepiness and sleep problems have been assumed to result from the medical condition that is being treated. But the poll data suggest that many older Americans who have been diagnosed with a variety of medical conditions may be suffering as much or more from poor sleep.

Many people report the new adjustable firmness controlled airbed mattresses containing this visco memory foam that uses pressure and body heat to literally 'cradle and conform' to their body shape during sleep have greatly reduced sleep problems.

NSF also questioned respondents about their mood, outlook on life, cognitive function, social involvement, exercise frequency, and financial security. In general, those who assess themselves positively in these areas—people like Nan Jansen—also are more likely to sleep seven to nine hours each night, rate their sleep quality as excellent or very good, and report fewer sleep problems and diagnoses of a sleep disorder.

So, what does the Sleep in America poll tell us about the connection between sleep, health and aging? "We reaffirm what we know from the epidemiology of aging that there is a very strong correlation between common medical conditions and a predisposition to sleep disturbances," says Daniel Foley, an epidemiologist at the National Institute on Aging who assisted NSF with the 2003 Sleep in America poll.

"A person may have several medical conditions that they're seeing their doctor about and they may be getting treatment, but they don't feel they're getting better. What may go unrecognized is a tremendous amount of sleep disturbance and daytime sleepiness. What may go overlooked is a major sleep disorder that may be complicating treatment of the other conditions." Sometimes as part of an overall sleep program people switching to the new adjustable firmness push-button controller airbed with visco memory foam top padding report decreased sleep problems and a more "refreshing sleep".

"The poll results show we need to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the connection between sleep, health and aging."

The poll was conducted by WB&A Market Research. 

The new air bed mattresses that combine adjustable firmness control and "body forming memory foam" comfort layers have proven to be the best choice for many people. There is no doubt that both COMFORT and BACK SUPPORT are extremely important in falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. the new isco memory foam airbed is literally a "DREAM COME TRUE". We offer the lowest priced Factory direct Shipped memory foam airbed mattress while maintaining "premium quality".

The most comfortable sleeping surface ever invented is the body contouring visco memory foam airbed mattress with two-sided adjustable firmness controllers.

Compare our memory foam to any other visco elastic bedding material in the world and relax on the healthiest mattress ever offered. And the viscous celled foam is so dense even dust mites can't get inside. The sweet dreams and end to tossing and turning you have endured which causes back pain, sore necks and morning wake up pain is alleviated because of the extraordinary properties only the best visco elastic temperature-sensitive foam can provide.

Visco memory foam airbed models take the exact shape of your body within minutes of you going to bed. Only a visco memory foam adjustable airbed mattress uses body warmth and body weight pressure to take your shape and provide perfect back support. American Made NASA Space Program designed VISCO ELASTIC CELL memory foam COMBINED with our adjustable firmness dual-side airbed mattress bladders underneath is the absolute finest sleep surface ever invented.

No other foam or airbed mattress comfort pad offers the incredible durability and comfort that visco elastic memory foam provides - your body LITERALLY 'sinks in and molds to your EXACT body shape' - then returns to full shape every time you move"TRUE LUXURY DENSITY 4 POUND" VISCO ELASTIC MEMORY FOAM for "extra-plush" comfort and a "very supportive" feel - especially great for back pain sufferers.

If you haven't tried memory foam yet you don't know what you're missing. Adding 2" to 3" of memory foam to your air bed mattress creates a sleep experience only a memory foam air bed can provide. Improved sleep provided by MagiCloud Brand airbed mattresses feature this "EXCLUSIVE HERCULES HEALTH COVER SYSTEM" which cannot be matched by any other sleep surface.


Treatment For Back Pain and other sleep problems using air bed mattresses with memory foam and adjustable firmness airbeds help mattress pain using push-button adjustable select memory control digital number airbed controllers on each side of the bed - giving BOTH partners perfect airbed mattress comfort level control can often help BOTH partners sleep better!

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