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Learning about how sleep disorders to refresh your body and how air bed mattresses can help you sleep more comfortably to enter the "deep REM sleep stages" could help you solve sleep problems and relieve pain.


Back pain as well as other body aches and pains can make sleeping almost impossible - the incredible back support an adjustable firmness airbed mattress combined with body forming visco memory foam designed by NASA Space Agency for body pressure relief can help you reach your own perfect body comfort support level with the push of a buttonSLEEPING WITH PAIN - Trying to sleep when you are in pain is especially hard - try these tips to improve your back pain. After a long day at work and many Americans are getting less and less quality sleep these days. Being able to lay down in an adjustable airbed mattress with a digitally controlled memory set firmness level that aligns your spinal cord JUST FOR YOUR BACK is literally a DREAM COME TRUE.

Seldom does one mattress give the EXACT back support to TWO SLEEPING PARTNERS. The dual-sided AIRBED allows each person to adjust their side of the airbeds mattress to their personally preferred firmness comfort level with a simple push of a button. Of course, our MAGICLOUD airbed mattresses feature two extremely high quality hand controllers - one on each side of the bed!

insomnia can ruin your day and leave you tired and unable to concentrate - sleeping on an airbed mattress with adjustable firmness and memory foam body contouring pad could help you finally fall asleep faster and sleep deeper - so you'll feel more awake during your busy daySLEEP INSOMNIA PROBLEMS - Can't get to sleep due to insomnia? Try these tips to improve your chances of falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

Over 50% of Americans experience some insomnia problems. Not getting enough "quality sleep" can affect your daily life in many harmful ways. Learn how to deal with insomnia with these helpful tips.

When you sleep deeply and experience REM dream cycles often your awake hours are vastly improved, feeling refreshed and awake make you feel alive - try an air bed mattresses comforting adjustable firmness feature and body contouring ability can make your nights a "dream come true"WHY SLEEP HELPS -  Sleep appears necessary for our nervous systems to work properly. Too little sleep leaves us drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day. It also leads to impaired memory and poor physical performance.

One major benefit of airbed mattresses is their built-in DUAL-SIDED airbed mattresses bladders allowing each partner to individually adjust their side of the bed for maximum personal back support and firmness comfort.

The mattress construction is critical in helping to relieve pain and discomfort - an air bed mattress that includes a built-in top layer of visco elastic memory foam combined with adjustable airbed firmness could be just what the doctor orderedPAIN AND MATTRESSES -  Mattress guidelines for sleep comfort- How mattresses impact sleep quality:
The right mattress can significantly contribute to having a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling rested and refreshed.

CLICK HERE to discover how a MAGICLOUD visco memory foam airbed mattress can relieve many sleep problems that come from age related discomfort.SLEEP AND AGING - Sleeping as we get older needs special attention. Don't worry - it's a normal part of aging. But that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of things you can do to make sleeping easier.  And, if you are a very restless sleeper - waking up tossing and turning in the middle of the night an adjustable push-button firmness and back spinal straightening combined with visco cell memory foam padding could help you stay comfortable in one spot for much longer periods.
BEST SLEEPING TIPS - What are your sleep patterns?
Tips for getting back to sleep.
Tips for better daytime habits.
Tips for keeping a sleep diary.
Tips for a better sleep environment.
Tips for a better pre-sleep ritual.
how much sleep we need is greatly determined by our mattress comfort - a major reason air beds with memory foam are so popular with dual controlled firmness for each partner's comfort levelHOW MUCH SLEEP DO WE NEED -  Following are some guidelines on how much sleep you or your loved ones might need:
Typical Sleep Needs - Groups Show the Amount of Sleep Needed.
Learn how airbeds and the 5 stages of sleeping can offer solutions to your sleep problems and how to choose the right air bed mattress for you and your partnerTHE 5 STAGES OF SLEEP During an average sleep period a person will experience 4 to 5 complete sleep cycles. The sleep cycle begins with four stages of SWS (Slow-Wave Sleep), also called NREM (Non-REM).
CLICK HERE and discover how R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) DEEP SLEEP STAGE refreshes your body and mind - and what sleep problems happen without getting DEEP SLEEP.DEEP RESTFUL SLEEP - Achieving DEEP REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage is crucial to get REAL rest at night.

Many sleep disorders can gain some relief from using an adjustable firmness air bed mattress, and create a more restful, longer "deep sleep cycle" experience.

There are many AIRBEDS on the market today, but many are simply not as well built as others. Trimming manufacturing costs can dramatically cut down on the quality parts used in making the mattress, which is why buying at FACTORY DIRECT SHIP PRICES can give you "more for your money".
CLICK HERE if you suffer from INSOMNIA Sleep Problems - Tips for better and more restful DEEP SLEEP and How to Fall Asleep FASTER with a memory foam airbed mattressCIRCADIAN SLEEP CYCLE -  Circadian Rhythm is important in many areas of life. It's what makes working night shift so difficult and debilitating. People who suffer from delayed or advanced sleep phase syndrome need to understand their personal "sleep clock".
 How air bed mattresses with visco memory foam and digital dual-sided air bladders memory controller airbeds help Sleep Disorders like Insomnia, help you enter DEEP REM Sleep Stages or if you say "I Cant Sleep, Cant Stay Asleep and have mattress induced back pain maybe the comfort of our MAGICLOUD BRAND Factory Direct Shipped Priced air beds will help solve or minimize your personal sleep disorder.

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